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Breasts Of Women Without Bra

Breasts Of Women Without Bra: Latest News Updates Breasts Not Covered, Breasts, Without Bra, Bra,Large Breasts:  The bra celebrated a birthday this week. The great whites finally turned 100, a milestone which has prompted us here at CS to pay a little homage. Here, some background on these cleavage caddies, and a few tips to ensure you’re getting the proper fit. (Hint: There’s a good chance you aren’t!)

The first bra was patented in 1914 by New York City socialite Mary Phelps-Jacobs. Often on the town, Mary hated the constricting corsets of the time. Her idea: Two silk handkerchiefs tied together in the middle with ribbons sewn on to make straps–the first official bra was born.

However, tried as she might, Mary could never drum up enough sales to sustain her idea, (many women considered her invention to be too taboo ) so she sold her idea to Warners. Yes, that’s right, Warners — as in the big bra company. And the rest, as they say, is history….

Today, these ’support systems’ are a feminine staple. Available in every size, shape and color, women around the world now wear their bras with patience and pride. I say patience, because it’s a rare woman who hasn’t had to ‘adjust’ herself.

Falling straps, too-tight bands, super-roomy cups — any of this ring a bell? You’re not alone. According to “industry studies,” over 80 percent of women aren’t wearing the right bra size. So, we thought, what better time than the bra’s birthday to offer a little, ahem, uplifting advice.

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