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Kim Zolciak Real Hair Photos Collection

Kim Zolciak Real Hair Photos CollectionKim Zolciak Real Hair Photos Collection, Kim’s hair color of choice is platinum blond, we think she fried and dyed her real hair to death. So she has chosen to wear a wig while it grows and repairs itself. We believe this is the most probable theory that Kim seems to wear a lace-front wig, and she must have some real hair so it looks natural. Some drama with NeNe Leakes came to a head, Kim Zolciak decided to address rumors that she wears a hair wig – and to argue that her wig is not for fashion. he curvy blond Kim‘s romance with mystery millionaire Big Papa aroused viewers’s interest while speculation about her age and her hair heat up the Internet Search. Kim Zolciak hasn’t discussed her hair/wig on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” yet.

Kim Zolciak Real Hair Photos CollectionKim Zolciak Real Hair Photos Collection

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